The Good Life.

Isn't it funny how you never know what small moment is going to stick with you? For me, whenever I hear "The Good Life" sung by Bobby Darin I am taken back to a week in my life 10 years ago. We lived in a tiny 1 bedroom In Los Feliz and I had just quite my job cutting hair at Rudy's and was selling on eBay full time. This is one of the happiest times I can remember because It felt so good to be doing something I was LOVING to do and get to stay home in my cute little duplex and hem clothes and take pictures in them for MY JOB. It was the first time I had ever felt like I was doing something I really enjoyed and I wasn't taking it for granted. I was making good money so I bought us a new couch and a pink TV (which I'm still hanging onto even though its so dated..I was so proud to buy it). I put a lot of my self worth in my career performance and I've learned that I'm always happiest when my career is going well. I wish I wasn't so dependent on it, but it's a personality flaw of mine and I'm working on it. Anyway, I was just listening to Frank Sinatra Pandora and the song came on and I was instantly back in that tiny living room, painting it lavender all by myself while Gabe was at work. It's also worth noting that I've chosen lavender for my wall color in every place we've lived since then. I haven't painted the last two rentals because I'm just sick of painting rentals and painting them back. HOPING to buy this year....PLEASE.

Sometimes I wonder what moments from this time in my life will be "iconic" to me 10 years from now. I know I'll miss the mundane, hard days home with the kids all day..and they are ending soon. Goldie will start school and our whole world will change. It's so hard to live in the moment and enjoy the boring but I'm gonna try.

Here are a bunch of pics of our spontaneous trip to The Madonna Inn. It was a fun trip but of course in pictures you never see the struggle that comes along when you travel with young kids in tow...and I love that...because I want to remember all the best things about this time of life.


I mentioned on Instagram that this wall reminds me of the Brady Bunch and takes me down the rabbit hole to singing in my room as kid to the Brady Bunch CD. I love when random things remind me of random fun memories. :)

Oh, and more peeks at this pink bathroom that I wish was my own!

I am working with EOS again on this post and this time I'm trying out their Shave Cream for sensitive skin! I'm always up for anything that helps me achieve softer skin as I shave. It also helps cut down on knicks and razor burn (which haunts me!). The cream priveds 24 hours of moisture and it's SO moisturizing that you can shave wet or dry (yessssss). I'll let you know how it's going next week but for now I'm happy with softer skin! It came just in time for Spring and bare legs! 


This post was kindly sponsored by EOS and all opinions are always my own! 




Hi guys! I'm excited to announce that I've teamed up with EOS! I've seen their adorable packaging on instagram before and always thought it was a cute way to hydrate but had never tried it for myself! I was so excited when they approached me to work with them to create images around some of their products. I knew this pink bathroom would be THE place.

I have a lot of lip products but I have found myself reaching for only the Crystal lip balm since I opened it. My lips are SOO dry and have been ever since I took acutane as a teenager so I KNOW my lip products. I love the non-sticky texture of this one and it's wax free for a weightless feeling. It uses 5 nourishing oils to soothe lips and is vegan and cruelty free! I'm gonna take a break from writing this post because I want to go get it downstairs and put some on before I continue..haha..ok, I'm back...and my lips are nourished.

How insane is this bathroom? I'm pretty sure I'll never have a pink bathroom (although never say never) so I'll enjoy this one when I can. I'm also loving pink and brown together. And that's that. Haha.

This post was kindly sponsored by EOS and all opinions about their awesome lip balm are my own. Thanks for supporting me doing dream work like this that doesn't feel like work at all. 


XO, Coury


What a special day. Thankfully my family lives on the way to Palm Springs (kinda) and they love my kids. Gabe and I got to go relax, have brunch, and dream about the future in our happy place, Palm Springs. Plus I got to wear a pink suit so it was obviously a good time.


Are these not the most beautiful flowers ever. I haven't stopped saying how much I love them. A good man will get you ranunculus, thats what I say! He also got me three packs of fancy gummies from Sugarfina. Lucky gal right here!

Hope you had a happy valentine's day! 


XO,  Coury

San Diego.

I have lots of memories of San Diego as a child. Sea World comes to mind most but I would never give them money at this point. I also have sweet memories of visiting San Diego for the orthodontist followed by a trip to Toys R Us and dinner at Red Lobster. I remember the kid's menu so clearly and I remember the seasoned french fries being really good although I was 10 so who knows really?

Gabe and I have our own memories there as well. We played quite a few shows down there with our band, Castledoor, and even once got our window broken outside a show so someone could grab my empty purse. We had to go onstage right after this happened and it's not that big of a deal but we really had NO money then so it was soul crushing to know that we would have to have the window fixed. Haha. I made it sound depressing but we really had a lot of good times. Who needs money when you're young?? Pfft.

Anyway, it's a beautiful city and driving down in this dream car rented from Sixt made it 1000% better if that's even possible. We got to stay at the GORGEOUS Pendry San Diego and it was just a slice of heaven, all of it. 

First of all, it's just SO nice when you have two kids to be able to let go of all the anxiety that comes with being solely responsible for two tiny people all day. It gets to me at the end of the week and to have two nights of good sleep was also insanely amazing. I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about my kids for even a second when they're with my family. I know for a fact that they are happy as can be and are having way more fun than they would have if they were with us. Haha.

We went to movie (shocking for us since we NEVER get to). Greatest Showman, natch! Musicals forever and always. We got to go out to an outdoor mall at night...AND ACTUALLY SHOP. We had quiet relaxing meals, got to listen to whatever we wanted in the car (LOUD), and it was nice to just be "Gabe and Coury" for a bit. We've been through it in the last few years and I feel bad even saying it because I know we have our health and some people don't. I'm so thankful for our health that the other stuff we have been dealing with, while hard, seems trivial.  Right now, life is so good and it was nice to step back and celebrate that.

I'm listening to Diamond Rio, the kiddos are sleeping peacefully, and Gabe will be off work in an hour. I'm going to gather up any energy I have left (did I mention taking care of two kids alone all day is TIRING?) and get my workout on. 

I'm excited to start this blog up again and ramble a few nights a week. It really brings me joy. 


Xo, Coury

Made it mine!

Hey guys! Happy to be here on the blog today with Esurance and their #madeitmine campaign. We're focusing on one of the key values that Esurance stands for. They're all about saving money, saving time and providing personalization. For us, we're currently renting, so there are not too many things we can truly personalize although I can't wait to personalize EVERYTHING when we buy a house.  

I thought a great compromise would be creating frames for Goldie to display all of her fabulous, ever changing art. She LOVED doing this especially because I let her have creative control of the frames as well as the art that goes in them. 

We went down to the craft store and she picked out the prettiest adornments and went to town. Kids take such pride in their projects and it really just melts my heart. Look at her proud face. I can't wait to see how the art in these frames evolves and even the exterior art of the frames will change as well as she grows. The great thing about it as well is that it costs nearly nothing to do yet gives her such great pride in a job well done. Little projects like this are really helping her learn the value of starting a task and completing it. Real life lessons. :)

This post was kindly sponsored by Esurance and all opinions are my own.


XO Coury

Last week, smack in the middle of the busy holiday season, we got the opportunity to host an event at Nordstrom Local with Ugg. I had never hosted an event before and I was soooo excited that Goldie was able to come too! We made it a fun date night and it will live in my memory as a truly precious moment in time. 

If you aren’t familiar with the concept (I wasn’t either), Nordstrom Local is not a traditional retail space. The idea is for it to cover your shopping needs and make things super convenient for locals. You can place an order online and pick it up the same day! They have drivers picking up merchandise from the Nordstrom stores every hour! There is also tailoring service, personal shopping, and a nail bar with the sweetest manicurist I’ve ever met. The vibe of the store is so warm and comfortable and I gotta say that whoever lives in West Hollywood is super lucky. This is so great for procrastinators like myself and I can see it being very convenient for last minute gift shopping. ;) Hoping for this service to start popping up everywhere!

The actual event was such a treat. We got to meet so many of you who are so special to me and it was so nice that Nordstrom had amazing slippers for you and I got to gift 3 $100 gift cards so I could say thank you in a small way. I felt like Santa..or Oprah. 

My favorite was watching he kids run around and have fun together. Oh, and the picnic Zooey and Goldie had in a dressing room. You know how food tastes so much better when you’re having fun? Goldie kept saying “this is the best sandwich ever!” Pretty sure that was the fun circumstances talking. :)

So many thanks to Nordstrom and Ugg for such a pleasant experience and so many thanks to anyone reading this because these sweet experiences with my daughter only happen because of YOU. Truly love you all. 

Xo, Coury 

Tech will save us!

Oh man! Goldie was giddy about this project! Our pals at Tech Will Save Us sent us this Bright Creatures Kit that teaches kiddos about how electricity works, which is so hard to try to explain without hands on experience! She loves playdough already so the fact that we were able to make this "seal" creature light up by connecting the led light helpers just sent her over the edge of giddiness!  As she gets older, she'll be able to do a better job at creating the creatures herself because my talent is not making dough creatures. I could definitely pick out outfits for the dough creatures, though. HAHA. Darcy was super into it too so I guess you're never too young to sit and watch. I have a feeling he'll be building elaborate creatures before we know it. 

There are lots of different kits for kids of all ages and I think this would make such a great gift. This is the kind of gift that is fun but also sets the foundation for science education. I especially appreciate toys like the Bright Creatures Kit because I kept Goldie out of TK this year because of school district issues and it makes me feel great to feel like she's getting some good education in at home. I try to do lessons everyday so she's more prepared for Kindergarten next year.

Anyway, we really enjoyed the kit and we'll be creating lots more creatures in the future. We think you'll enjoy it as well. 

Thanks to Tech Will Save Us for sponsoring this post and providing us with an afternoon of fun and learning. All opinions are my own.


Xo, Coury

The Sweetest Gift.

Ok, I have to admit that I’m a terrible gift giver. Gabe and I were talking today about the fact that we are both just awful at gift giving. I may have just found a really sweet solution because I’m always telling Gabe, “When in doubt, think fancy chocolate.” After nibbling on some double chocolate chip Graeter’s ice cream I think I need to add “ice cream” to that tip. “Think fancy chocolate ICE CREAM.” I can’t think of a better surprise than pints of ice cream delivered to your door. I guess the only thing that would make it better is if it was Graeter’s ice cream. It’s obvious that they don’t mess around and really care about delivering the best product. All ice cream is not created equal and this is the good stuff, guys! They use a French pot process and only make 2.5 gallons at a time. Each pint is hand packed for a dense, creamy ice cream.

Goldie and I had a fancy ice cream social with toppings and everything and she was in hog heaven. I am always partial to Peppermint and that pint didn't last long. Oops. Too good.

There are lots of flavor options for your online order at and ice cream is delivered frozen anywhere in the US. There are even party packs with everything you need for an ice cream social! Get $5 off any online ice cream order now through December 13 with code Fancy-Sweets.

I know we all have those hard to buy for people who don’t really need anything. This is such a thoughtful, unique gift! 

XO, Coury


Thanks so much to Graeter's for sponsoring this post and giving us a reason to eat ice cream in the middle of the week. All opinions are my own. :)

Mod Squad!

Hey guys! So excited to be working with Modcloth again for Autumn! I picked out this skirt because plaid is everywhere right now and I guess it just makes you welcome fall, no matter the temperature. It actually has cooled down here and it does feel like Autumn FINALLY. I don't feel like a fool with a sweater like this on, because you know I was wearing them in 90 degree weather anyway because October is October!

I am going to start with the Christmas decorations in the next few days because I need all the Christmas I can get this year! Last year our family was separated a lot of the season and this year I am going to treasure every moment..and play dress up a lot because it makes happy days even happier! I've said it before and I'll say it's ok to love clothes. :)

I also picked up this cardigan and I've been wearing it joke. Kinda the perfect oversized interesting color combo cardi. I sized up a few sizes to make it even more oversized.

Thanks to Modcloth for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


Happy living.

Hey guys! I love home decor so much but we're renting right now which is kind of a bummer because we can't make any improvements and make the place really our own. Because of this, it's even more important that I make the most of the space I have and gather pieces I love. It's so important to be creatively stimulated but also feel HAPPY in your home. For me, it has to be tidied up (not clean exactly...just no clutter) and I have to be able to see textures and color combos I love.

I got to pick out a few pieces from Lulu & Georgia and they are definitely happy makers! Shop them below (all 25% off today!). 

Pillow Throw Lamp Pouf

XO, Coury

They say folks is dying to get here.

More Lower East Side fun. So many thanks to Alaska Air for getting us there in style. It was my first time in first class and I am so spoiled now. it was HEAVEN. I honestly could have stayed on that plane for 24 hours and been happy. Haha.

Our Airbnb was right above this alley to Freeman's. We never stopped in but the alley was just so fun and so New York-y. haha. Also, isn't that tiny iced coffee cup the cutest?

Xo, Coury

A Philadelphia morning.

A truly magical fall morning. When I visit a new city I just love to WALK WALK WALK. I woke up with the sun as I often do when traveling. The sunrise was so pink, which I knew was a sign of Philadelphia welcoming me. I had a few hours free in the morning before meeting up with the rest of the crew to head to the SEED event at the farm (which was amazing and I'll share about later) so I decided to check off as many touristy attractions as I could at 8 in the morning. I don't know when I'll be back to Philadelphia so it was a mad rush to the big spots...Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross house, and Elfreth's Alley....preceded by an iced cortado and followed by a bagel of course. 

A morning I'm so grateful for. Sometimes you need moments of discovery and freedom to remember how blessed your life really is. 

Xo Coury

SpoonfulOne: The Proactive Approach to Food Allergies

Breakfast is one of my favorite times of the day! Every morning is a fresh start and we're in Southern California so most mornings are sunny as can be!  Darcy was super hungry this morning so we put a rush on his oatmeal and berries. Goldie wasn't hungry yet so she got to play mommy and feed him a bit which happens to be her favorite thing.

It always amazes me how much changes in such short periods when it comes to raising babies. Science is the greatest. I feel like in the 3.5 years between Darcy and Goldie, so many new strides had been made and so many great new products have been developed that make life with a baby easier. It seems like food allergies in children have become so much more of a problem since I was a kid so I was so intrigued when I heard about SpoonfulOne.  The idea is to get your child's body introduced and accustomed to new foods before allergies develop. All you do is mix in the daily packet into whatever food your child is eating. The packet contains micro-servings of foods responsible for 90% of allergies. I usually mix it in Darcy's eggs or Oatmeal and it can be mixed in baby food or mashed avocado for a younger baby. 

When Goldie was a baby, many people were still waiting until 1 year to introduce certain foods and since then, it's been advised to introduce potentially allergic foods early and consistently because avoiding the foods that are potential allergens might actually increase the risk of having food allergies. Thankfully, neither of my kiddos are allergic to any foods but shellfish and nuts aren't foods that Darcy eats daily so the packets are perfect for him to keep small amounts of the foods familiar to his body and make it less likely for him to develop an allergy. SpoonfulOne was developed by a pediatrician and mother, is sourced from real food, and is super easy to use. Food is such a special thing for me, so I want to give Darcy the chance to always enjoy all food! It feels good to be proactive and this is so easy with just a spoonful of love a day! 

I’ve partnered with our friends at SpoonfulOne to give away a 12 month supply of SpoonfulOne to one lucky momma. It’s super easy to enter: Just make sure to follow the instructions on the entry form at the very bottom of this post. The winner will be chosen on 10/20! Good luck!


Thanks so much for reading, guys! This post was sponsored by SpoonfulOne and all opinions are my own. 

XO Coury