Love on the weekend is right.

Here we are having a laugh. Beautiful weather as always and a quick visit from Gabe. Only about 2 weeks left of this being apart nonsense. It's pretty ridiculous that it's been 25.5 weeks of it. We are stronger than we know and I'm very proud of all of us. So excited to be a real family again. 

In turn, we will be moving AGAIN. I know. Someday we will buy a house and stay there for a long while...well..maybe. I do love to move. It's nothing but exciting to me. Maybe it would be different if I was finally in a house we owned and loved, but until then, just excited for NEW. Can't wait to make a joint kids room and decorate it. SO pumped.

As you can tell by my writing, my coffee has kicked in. Darcy is still asleep. He's on a weird late schedule right now...who knows with babies. I guess it's better than being up at 5 like Goldie always was when she was a baby. Goldie is watching "Go, Diego, Go" and we'll head to our last ballet class here in a couple of hours. It's slightly sad to say good-bye since we've been having our special mom/daughter time every week at ballet for the past year. But, we'll start a new ballet class next month somewhere else. Thumbs up. 

Also, one of my favorite things to do on earth is getting into a new Broadway cast soundtrack and right now it's Amelie. Good times.

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day and make the most of it. I plan on squeezing the kids extra tight today--probably to the point of them being totally annoyed. ♥

Goldie and I are wearing Cleobella.


XO, Coury

Museum of Ice Cream.

Oh man, how fun was this place??? 

On our way home Gabe said, "I wouldn't really call it a museum, more like an art exhibit." And Goldie said, "Let me guess dad, you didn't like it because there was no grey and black?" HAHA. It was sweet of him to come and do something girly that we like with us on his Saturday but that's just the kind of guy he is. Darcy thoroughly enjoyed himself. He's changing so much every day and his sweet personality and sense of humor are starting to shine through. It's truly heart meltingly sweet.

I cherish these days together and soon we will be together again like a "normal family". Love these three with every piece of my heart. 

Thanks for hosting this adorably delicious event, Lolli!

My dress is Unique Vintage.

Goldie's tutu is -PLUM-, her shoes are Minna Parikka, and her best buddy is Zooeyinthecity (haha).


XO, Coury

Easter spirit.

I can't believe it's Easter already and I'm so happy! It's another crazy different Easter than the year before. I always feel like Easter is the marker for such change from year to year for us. Can't wait to see where we are next Easter! But for now, it's all abotu Cadbury eggs. :)

I got this.

Ok, week. Let's do it. I'm committed to being present for the kids as I can, although I'm not off to a good start not in bed at 10:15. Darcy sleeps til 6 or 7 but he's up so many times in between that my sleep is the worst quality.  I'm surprised at how well I am doing in spite of this...sometimes I only have one coffee in the morning and make it through the day! Gabe was home yesterday but he woke up sick so we definitely didn't get the sweet Saturday I was eagerly anticipating. Instead, he shivered himself to fevered sleep at 7. There's always next week. 

Anyway, listening to the Freaky Friday Soundtrack. Pretty cheesy, but when have I ever complained about that. Also, Goldie is hilarious lately. I wish I had time to write down all the funny things she says all day. Such a treat to be around. And she sure loves her brother.

Good luck this week guys! We can do it! 

My blouse is PepaLoves, pants are Zara, bag is Flynn. Goldie's dress is velveteen.

XO, Coury

Step Forward.

Hi friends! Happiest of Tuesdays to you.

I am so happy it's almost Spring I could just burst. Even though winter isn't really winter at all in Southern California, there is still a clear difference in seasons. The light is coming into our house more and at different angles and that alone is enough to make it Spring and, in turn, make me jump for joy! My big goal for the season is to get out and ADVENTURE and LIVE with my kids. Darcy cries in the carseat a lot so I really haven't taken them anywhere farther away by myself all winter. I am feeling inspired to make lots of memories with them in the next three months before Gabe is home with us again. I want to think back on the second half of this challenging time with him away fondly and for me, that means getting out and doing something fun every day.

I was happy to team up with Famous Footwear again and these Adidas Neo Baseline are going to be perfect for our days out and about. I never really mastered the whole "looking cool in tennies and a dress" but if I've learned anything about personal sytle, it's that your own perception of how you look is 95% of the battle. If you are comfortable with yourself, you won.

Stepping forward. The fresh blooms on the trees and me in a dress and tennies and aiming for more adventure and living in the moment and having gratitude for our health and and and...?

Thank you to Famous Footwear for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

XO, Coury


A hah! A shiny new spot on the internet. Sometimes it's nice to simplify the little things. We miss Gabe a lot since he's gone all week for a few more months, but I'm trying to make fun memories with the kids and laugh and dance and sing with them every minute that I can.

Thanks for joining me over here. :)