Hey guys! Happy to be partnering with Kidbox today and unpacking a super fun "Goldie box". This is a cool service that lets you try out clothes and only buy what you want to keep. The best part about it is that for every box you keep, they give clothes to kids in need. This is such a great opportunity to teach kids about giving back. It's not the easiest thing to teach a toddler but as she grows more and more, she "gets" it more and more.  It's so important to me to have empathetic kids so I like to open the topic for conversation as much as possible. It's such a strange time in our country so I feel the need to cling onto the good and show the kids that there are so many people doing selfless things and that most people have good hearts.

Don't you just love the confidence of a 4 year old? There is nothing in that mirror she doesn't like and it shines right through that smile. We could all learn something from kids about self love and acceptance. We could also learn that fake glasses make you look even more cool than you normally look. HAHA.

Anyway, the clothes in the box were totally up her alley and the jeans are just ridiculous. Haha, I love them so much. You get 5 boxes a year and can skip whenever. Use the code TREEHOUSE20 for 20% off your first box! :)

Thanks to Kidbox for sponsoring this post! 


XO, Coury

Jumpsuits and Palms.

Hey guys. Happy Thursday to ya! Gabe works another long day today then we have three days off. Woohoo! Shooting for a beach day somewhere in there, fingers crossed! Darcy was up at 5:30 crying (MOLARS. UGH. Teething is the pits. Mr. Darcy has 9 teeth now, up one from yesterday.) so he's already taking a nap and here I am, blogging. Pouring out my heart about our upcoming maybe beach day..haha. I guess it's hard to get in the mindset of blogging real feelings when you feel so busy..and so tired.  One of these days it will come to me and my writers block will be lifted. Until then, there's always #ootd?

This jumpsuit is aptly named the "Jan" Jumpsuit and reminds me of my days in the middle school talent show, forcing my friends to do a Brady Bunch skit with me. I plucked my mom's polka dot peter pan collar smocked maxi dress from the cedar chest, hand wrote everyone's lines, and brought my CD to blast "Keep On" and sing and dance to it. I was pretty shy growing up so I still can't believe I did this. I think it's on video somewhere. I'll have to try and find it. Anyway, I was fully obsessed with the Brady Bunch at one point.

Anyway again, there's just nothing like that California sun. Home. Here's hoping Darcy get a decent nap. This is a fabulously boring day with the kiddos. :)

My jumpsuit and tshirt are from the new CAMP collection!

My shoes are Kate Spade and my purse is See by Chloe. Hat is from Asos.

Love to you guys! Thanks for keeping up with me here. :)



Springing the Palms.

Hey guys! Gabe and I snuck off without the kiddos this weekend for a little us time. I got Darcy weaned and I feel so FRRRRREEEEE. I know I've talked about this before but I do not enjoy breastfeeding...and thats ok. It doesn't mean I don't love my kids, actually it means I love them even more because I did something I hate (and I don't like the word hate) for a combined 30 months just because I thought it was what was best for them. But HALLELUJAH, I'm done! :) Kudos to all the moms for whatever choice you make for your kids that you feel is best for you and them. Thumbs up for all of us, doing our best! 

Gabe has been working a ton (I'm talking 16 hours days) but at least he lives with us! Hooray! I know I haven't shared much about that whole situation the past year but maybe I will someday soon. Still debating. Whatever the case, we're happy to feel like a normal family again.

So we went to Palm Springs and we were realizing how many memories we have there from the past 10 years. It's so special to us and I'm so happy that it will be special to the kids too. I also can't believe we moved out of California for 3 years!! If you never try, you never I'm glad we took a chance but I'm so thankful to be in California for life.

I thought my outfit from Joanie was perfect for a Palm Springs day and it absolutely a #treatyoself type of situation. HAHA. Mimosas, ice cream, AND a milkshake. HAHA again. But we hadn't been out since March so I think it was appropriate. As Darcy ascends further into toddlerhood it will be a lot easier for Gabe and I to get away just the two of us. I love him.


Hey guys! I'm so excited to be working with ModCloth today to style some of their new pieces for Summer!  I have been a fan of ModCloth for MANY years and I am even a "Blogger of the Moment" alumni! :)

I love the mission of ModCloth to include all sizes and shapes and I love that they have such a wonderful variety of trendy and classic pieces each season. One of the best things about ModCloth is how many reviews are posted. It's really a community feel. It also really helps when you're trying to figure out if something you want is right for your body type and which size to order. Tons of people post pics along with their measurements to help other shoppers.

I loved trying all the pieces I got and decided to wear the Button up tunic and Apple Print Skirt for our family outing last weekend and you know what they say..."when your hair matches the wall, it's gonna be a good day." I've never heard anyone say that, but they should. ;)

I'm thankful for companies like ModCloth that promote kindness and inclusiveness in their mission and to top it off, they have adorable items. Fan for life! 

Thanks to ModCloth for sponsoring this post!



I never expire.

Hey guys, I'm so excited to partner with Sk-II today to introduce you to a film I'm so glad was made. It's called The Expiry Date and discusses the pressure put on women, particularly in Asia in this case, to have achieved certain things by a certain age so they are still considered "marriage material". 

I was fortunate to meet my soul mate when I was only 21 years old and I can't even imagine the pressure I would have put on myself had that taken longer to do. I feel like each birthday that these women celebrate will strip them of a bit more confidence...slowly...little by little...until they don't believe they are worthy. This mostly tugs at my heart because I have a daughter and I have no idea where life will take her but the thought of her feeling like she isn't worthy at any point just breaks my heart. I know she'll have ups and downs and be crushed by the weight of the world at times, but if somewhere deep down in there, she still has that confidence I helped her gain, she can do it all with a smile on her face. 

I'm so grateful that topics like this are being discussed. I feel like there is a lot that is going wrong in humanity but women supporting women is something that I'm really proud that we are achieving. It gives me hope that my daughter and her daughter someday (if that's the path she takes) will be well equipped to love themselves no matter what. 

Here's to lifting each other up and setting the best example for the next generation.

Check out the video below and let's keep the discussion going, for our daughters..and for us! 

Thanks to Skii for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. :)



The new skinny.

Hey guys, I'm so excited to be working with Skinny Cow today to share their amazing new packaging and simplified ingredients. I love that they are using ingredients I can feel good about and obviously the pink packaging had me at hello! I thought it matched perfectly with my summer peonies and we had some fun making a heart with the fudge and a smiley face with the truffles to show the delightful ingredients that go into the frozen treat. :)

I feel like I really rely on that hour or two at night that I get to chill and watch Life in Pieces or Kimmy Schmidt to recharge for the next day so I've been loving having a little treat with my screen time. Don't tell the kids! They taste super rich and have only 120 calories so I can feel good about that as well. Perfect treat. 


Definitely go check these beauties out wherever you shop for your grocery treats.

Thanks so much to Skinny Cow for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own! 


Xo Coury

Cars 3 with Autotrader.

Hey guys! So excited to partner with Autotrader and go see Cars 3 at the Americana, complete with popcorn and treats. Going to the movies is really one of my favorite things to do in life and I obviously don't get to go very often, especially in the last year! 

We loved the movie and of course it made me miss Carsland at California adventure so much!



I've never really been a person who is super into what car they drive and we have been happy with a Prius for the last 8 years or so but it just doesn't handle two car seats well. I got a VW golf last year thinking it would be a little bigger for carting the kids around but during this last road trip down the coast we realized it's just so small and inconvenient for two kiddos. SO, now we have two cars that don't function well with two car seats. I was intrigued when Autotrader contacted me about using their service because I am usually terrible at car shopping. The fact is, we need a minivan and I don't think I've ever even said the word "mini van" let alone thought about getting one. Well, now the convenience may have won me over. We are going to trade in our Prius for something bigger and have been using Autotrader to help get things going. 

The car match tool was so cool for someone like me who doesn't want to spend a lot of time looking at cars. You can narrow down by lots of different factors depending on what's important to you. I ended up with a few cars that matched my car personality but narrowed it down to a Nissan Rogue because it's also a hybrid. We're gonna go check it out this week and hopefully our road trips will be a bit more comfortable and, in turn, more peaceful. ;)


Thanks to Autotrader for sponsoring this post and sending us out for a fun movie! 


XO, Coury

Happy Birthday, Darcy!

A flash! And he's one! It's been an insane year and I was single-parenting day to day for over 6 half of his first year but we did it and he is happy and healthy and WE DID IT. We were up in Sacramento for his birthday but of course we still wanted to make it special so my sister baked and freezed a cake for him and brought it and it was beautiful and delicious. He did pretty well on the frosting and trashed his outfit so he did great. Haha.

Darcy is insanely sweet and adorable. He has a great sense of humor and loves being silly and making us laugh. He just started giving us kisses and it's so sweet I could die. He says Dada, Mama, and Mooooo (cow). He loves food and will truly eat anything still. Tonight I made him cauliflower rice with sautéed tomatoes and a parm cheese blend and he loved it. 

He sleeps HORRIBLY but really I can't complain because I'm not willing to let him cry at night to make him a better sleeper. He has 6 teeth and more are on their way as we speak (which doesn't help the sleep). We have been in our new place for almost a week and he's been going to sleep on his crib  mattress montessori style and then ends up in our bed at some point. It's progress since he used to fall asleep in our bed. He is still nursed to sleep 99% of the time but let me tell you, I am so DONE nursing...just waiting for the right moment when he doesn't have teeth coming in or a wonder week or vacation to get serious about weaning.

He loves to watch Baby Einstein Old Macdonald and Sesame Street videos (Mostly Usher, Jason Derulo, Janelle Monae) but unfortunately he doesn't really like watching videos very often. I was able to get more done with Goldie at this age because she lived for watching videos on YouTube. Haha. Good and bad I guess.

He loves his family and especially his Daddy at this point. He screams when he sees him after even a few minutes. Warms my heart. He usually has a smile for strangers and is pretty much a pro at walking already. It's so cute seeing his tiny body run/waddle around.

1 year olds sure aren't easy, but they make up for it with their cuteness. :)

I could talk about him all day but I gotta go...Love you, Darcy. 


Love on the weekend is right.

Here we are having a laugh. Beautiful weather as always and a quick visit from Gabe. Only about 2 weeks left of this being apart nonsense. It's pretty ridiculous that it's been 25.5 weeks of it. We are stronger than we know and I'm very proud of all of us. So excited to be a real family again. 

In turn, we will be moving AGAIN. I know. Someday we will buy a house and stay there for a long while...well..maybe. I do love to move. It's nothing but exciting to me. Maybe it would be different if I was finally in a house we owned and loved, but until then, just excited for NEW. Can't wait to make a joint kids room and decorate it. SO pumped.

As you can tell by my writing, my coffee has kicked in. Darcy is still asleep. He's on a weird late schedule right now...who knows with babies. I guess it's better than being up at 5 like Goldie always was when she was a baby. Goldie is watching "Go, Diego, Go" and we'll head to our last ballet class here in a couple of hours. It's slightly sad to say good-bye since we've been having our special mom/daughter time every week at ballet for the past year. But, we'll start a new ballet class next month somewhere else. Thumbs up. 

Also, one of my favorite things to do on earth is getting into a new Broadway cast soundtrack and right now it's Amelie. Good times.

Anyway, hope you had a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Have a great day and make the most of it. I plan on squeezing the kids extra tight today--probably to the point of them being totally annoyed. ♥

Goldie and I are wearing Cleobella.


XO, Coury

Museum of Ice Cream.

Oh man, how fun was this place??? 

On our way home Gabe said, "I wouldn't really call it a museum, more like an art exhibit." And Goldie said, "Let me guess dad, you didn't like it because there was no grey and black?" HAHA. It was sweet of him to come and do something girly that we like with us on his Saturday but that's just the kind of guy he is. Darcy thoroughly enjoyed himself. He's changing so much every day and his sweet personality and sense of humor are starting to shine through. It's truly heart meltingly sweet.

I cherish these days together and soon we will be together again like a "normal family". Love these three with every piece of my heart. 

Thanks for hosting this adorably delicious event, Lolli!

My dress is Unique Vintage.

Goldie's tutu is -PLUM-, her shoes are Minna Parikka, and her best buddy is Zooeyinthecity (haha).


XO, Coury

Easter spirit.

I can't believe it's Easter already and I'm so happy! It's another crazy different Easter than the year before. I always feel like Easter is the marker for such change from year to year for us. Can't wait to see where we are next Easter! But for now, it's all abotu Cadbury eggs. :)

I got this.

Ok, week. Let's do it. I'm committed to being present for the kids as I can, although I'm not off to a good start not in bed at 10:15. Darcy sleeps til 6 or 7 but he's up so many times in between that my sleep is the worst quality.  I'm surprised at how well I am doing in spite of this...sometimes I only have one coffee in the morning and make it through the day! Gabe was home yesterday but he woke up sick so we definitely didn't get the sweet Saturday I was eagerly anticipating. Instead, he shivered himself to fevered sleep at 7. There's always next week. 

Anyway, listening to the Freaky Friday Soundtrack. Pretty cheesy, but when have I ever complained about that. Also, Goldie is hilarious lately. I wish I had time to write down all the funny things she says all day. Such a treat to be around. And she sure loves her brother.

Good luck this week guys! We can do it! 

My blouse is PepaLoves, pants are Zara, bag is Flynn. Goldie's dress is velveteen.

XO, Coury