Happy living.

Hey guys! I love home decor so much but we're renting right now which is kind of a bummer because we can't make any improvements and make the place really our own. Because of this, it's even more important that I make the most of the space I have and gather pieces I love. It's so important to be creatively stimulated but also feel HAPPY in your home. For me, it has to be tidied up (not clean exactly...just no clutter) and I have to be able to see textures and color combos I love.

I got to pick out a few pieces from Lulu & Georgia and they are definitely happy makers! Shop them below (all 25% off today!). 

Pillow Throw Lamp Pouf

XO, Coury

They say folks is dying to get here.

More Lower East Side fun. So many thanks to Alaska Air for getting us there in style. It was my first time in first class and I am so spoiled now. it was HEAVEN. I honestly could have stayed on that plane for 24 hours and been happy. Haha.

Our Airbnb was right above this alley to Freeman's. We never stopped in but the alley was just so fun and so New York-y. haha. Also, isn't that tiny iced coffee cup the cutest?

Xo, Coury

A Philadelphia morning.

A truly magical fall morning. When I visit a new city I just love to WALK WALK WALK. I woke up with the sun as I often do when traveling. The sunrise was so pink, which I knew was a sign of Philadelphia welcoming me. I had a few hours free in the morning before meeting up with the rest of the crew to head to the SEED event at the farm (which was amazing and I'll share about later) so I decided to check off as many touristy attractions as I could at 8 in the morning. I don't know when I'll be back to Philadelphia so it was a mad rush to the big spots...Liberty Bell, Betsy Ross house, and Elfreth's Alley....preceded by an iced cortado and followed by a bagel of course. 

A morning I'm so grateful for. Sometimes you need moments of discovery and freedom to remember how blessed your life really is. 

Xo Coury

SpoonfulOne: The Proactive Approach to Food Allergies

Breakfast is one of my favorite times of the day! Every morning is a fresh start and we're in Southern California so most mornings are sunny as can be!  Darcy was super hungry this morning so we put a rush on his oatmeal and berries. Goldie wasn't hungry yet so she got to play mommy and feed him a bit which happens to be her favorite thing.

It always amazes me how much changes in such short periods when it comes to raising babies. Science is the greatest. I feel like in the 3.5 years between Darcy and Goldie, so many new strides had been made and so many great new products have been developed that make life with a baby easier. It seems like food allergies in children have become so much more of a problem since I was a kid so I was so intrigued when I heard about SpoonfulOne.  The idea is to get your child's body introduced and accustomed to new foods before allergies develop. All you do is mix in the daily packet into whatever food your child is eating. The packet contains micro-servings of foods responsible for 90% of allergies. I usually mix it in Darcy's eggs or Oatmeal and it can be mixed in baby food or mashed avocado for a younger baby. 

When Goldie was a baby, many people were still waiting until 1 year to introduce certain foods and since then, it's been advised to introduce potentially allergic foods early and consistently because avoiding the foods that are potential allergens might actually increase the risk of having food allergies. Thankfully, neither of my kiddos are allergic to any foods but shellfish and nuts aren't foods that Darcy eats daily so the packets are perfect for him to keep small amounts of the foods familiar to his body and make it less likely for him to develop an allergy. SpoonfulOne was developed by a pediatrician and mother, is sourced from real food, and is super easy to use. Food is such a special thing for me, so I want to give Darcy the chance to always enjoy all food! It feels good to be proactive and this is so easy with just a spoonful of love a day! 

I’ve partnered with our friends at SpoonfulOne to give away a 12 month supply of SpoonfulOne to one lucky momma. It’s super easy to enter: Just make sure to follow the instructions on the entry form at the very bottom of this post. The winner will be chosen on 10/20! Good luck!


Thanks so much for reading, guys! This post was sponsored by SpoonfulOne and all opinions are my own. 

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Falling for Modcloth.

Hi all! I'm so excited to be working with Modcloth again for fall! I got my outfit just in time to pack up for our New York trip. It worked out perfectly because NYC was SCREAMING fall. Cool and breezy days when the light somehow switches to fall tones. I did indulge in a PSL but the cortado I'm drinking below was better.

Here's a peek at our day in the city...walking all the day long....loving it. I can't believe how much I have fallen for New York. I keep imagining Goldie going to NYU in 13 years and me visiting her and seeing whatever new Broadway show we want and walking and eating and walking. :) I have always loved to dream..even if it's silly dreams like that. I love to imagine the future, and I will never lose my optimism. I love life. AND I love my husband. We have SO much fun together and my goal is to have more alone time with him in the next few years. It's such a refresher. 

Also had to mention how amazing the customer service was with my Modcloth order. It was a time crunch to get my package in time for the trip but every time I used the online chat the employees were so helpful and kind and that's something I truly appreciate. 


Links to Modcloth pieces:

Thanks for reading, guys! This post was kindly sponsored by Modcloth with all opinions belonging to me. I feel so grateful that I get to do fun things like this that I could just cry. 


XO Coury

The Bronx is up and the Battery's down.

Walking walking walking in New York. The architecture in Manhattan is breathtaking. As I get older, I appreciate such things more and more. I hope to instill appreciation for such things in my kids but I guess I need to bring them with me next time to start that process. That scares the heck outta me! How do you do kids in the city...seems so impossible to me yet I see kids everywhere so people do it. Teach me your ways. It makes LA life seem so easy.

Anyway, we visited a hundred donut and bagel shops. Gabe wanted to walk through Times Square and I wanted to see all the theaters and complain how I can't see Dear Evan Hansen. we stumbled on the Hamilton store and I was in heaven. Broadway, you have my heart.

We walked all the way from the Lower East side to Central Park. Walking is my favorite thing and you don't get to do much of it in LA so I really got my fill! 

I knew I had to wear this dress on my trip because it happens to be me personified. I'm also giving berets a whirl. It's nice to have a new hat option..I have a small head (don't tell anyone) so it's hard for me to make certain hats work but I think the beret is a go for me. Alert the authorities! Lol.

Ok, please enjoy a story of an afternoon in NYC....



Well, the weather isn't really crisp yet but something about the light has changed to "fall". Gabe's schedule has been all over the place the last few months and every time we get settled into a nice routine, it changes and we get scrambled up again. He was working graveyard last month and we made some fun memories even though that schedule is quite rough. Some mornings he surprised us with a pink box of donuts. He got home around 7am just when the sun was starting to shine through the windows. The kids would be waiting on the couch with their swollen sleepy eyes, warm squishy bodies, and soft jammies.  Darcy started to recognize the box and squeal with delight when he saw it. I want those little details ingrained in my brain forever.

Anyway, #OOTD time.

Fall Kidboxing!

Home from New York and debriefing about some trends with my favorite 4 year old fashionista as she tries on looks from her latest KIDBOX. Haha. I can't wait to actually share fashion with her someday, but for now she's really serving up the poses. Skinny jeans aren't going anywhere and Goldie is glad because she looks pretty cool in them. Statement sleeves are also sticking around, which I'm glad about because I pretty much love statement anything. Sue me! 

I'm so excited to have fashion as a shared interest with Goldie as she grows up. I know her style will change and we definitely won't agree on most things (it's already happening) but she  has so much passion about what she wears. I love it so very much.

I want to mention again that KIDBOX is giving back by donating clothing to someone who needs it with every box you purchase. Also, In light of recent hurricanes in the U.S., KIDBOX have added in a 'Hurricane Relief' option into their quiz and are currently donating over $460K worth of new clothes to help aid those affected in both Texas and Florida. Good stuff!

You can read more about the service in my last Kidbox post. :)

This post is sponsored by Kidbox and all opinions are all me. :)




Organic snacking.

Hey guys! It's way too ridiculously hot for a picnic outside at the moment so we've been having indoor picnics. Snack picnics, I suppose. Our friends at Pure Growth Organic sent us some treats to snack on and we've been loving it.

But really, these treats are so perfect for on the go snacking you don't have to feel guilty about. One thing I've learned is to ALWAYS have plenty of snacks and water when you go anywhere with kids. This is especially true with young toddlers like Darcy. If he has something to snack on, he's golden. The kids like all the snacks we tried but they're favorite were the mini breakfast biscuits. I'll definitely be picking those up on my next grocery run. I have to admit, moms are better moms when they have a snack too. Hehe. Pure Growth Organic snacks are made in the US, have no artificial colors of flavors, and no trans fat.

Did I mention they have cute Disney character on the packaging? I still remember little things like that being a factor in what I would eat when I was a kid because food is an experience, right? At least to us it is. I like to make everything fun, and what's more fun than Mickey Mouse on your popcorn bag, AMIRIGHT?

Thanks to Pure Growth Organic for sponsoring this post! All opinions are obviously my own! :)









Hey guys! Happy to be partnering with Kidbox today and unpacking a super fun "Goldie box". This is a cool service that lets you try out clothes and only buy what you want to keep. The best part about it is that for every box you keep, they give clothes to kids in need. This is such a great opportunity to teach kids about giving back. It's not the easiest thing to teach a toddler but as she grows more and more, she "gets" it more and more.  It's so important to me to have empathetic kids so I like to open the topic for conversation as much as possible. It's such a strange time in our country so I feel the need to cling onto the good and show the kids that there are so many people doing selfless things and that most people have good hearts.

Don't you just love the confidence of a 4 year old? There is nothing in that mirror she doesn't like and it shines right through that smile. We could all learn something from kids about self love and acceptance. We could also learn that fake glasses make you look even more cool than you normally look. HAHA.

Anyway, the clothes in the box were totally up her alley and the jeans are just ridiculous. Haha, I love them so much. You get 5 boxes a year and can skip whenever. Use the code TREEHOUSE20 for 20% off your first box! :)

Thanks to Kidbox for sponsoring this post! 


XO, Coury

Jumpsuits and Palms.

Hey guys. Happy Thursday to ya! Gabe works another long day today then we have three days off. Woohoo! Shooting for a beach day somewhere in there, fingers crossed! Darcy was up at 5:30 crying (MOLARS. UGH. Teething is the pits. Mr. Darcy has 9 teeth now, up one from yesterday.) so he's already taking a nap and here I am, blogging. Pouring out my heart about our upcoming maybe beach day..haha. I guess it's hard to get in the mindset of blogging real feelings when you feel so busy..and so tired.  One of these days it will come to me and my writers block will be lifted. Until then, there's always #ootd?

This jumpsuit is aptly named the "Jan" Jumpsuit and reminds me of my days in the middle school talent show, forcing my friends to do a Brady Bunch skit with me. I plucked my mom's polka dot peter pan collar smocked maxi dress from the cedar chest, hand wrote everyone's lines, and brought my CD to blast "Keep On" and sing and dance to it. I was pretty shy growing up so I still can't believe I did this. I think it's on video somewhere. I'll have to try and find it. Anyway, I was fully obsessed with the Brady Bunch at one point.

Anyway again, there's just nothing like that California sun. Home. Here's hoping Darcy get a decent nap. This is a fabulously boring day with the kiddos. :)

My jumpsuit and tshirt are from the new CAMP collection!

My shoes are Kate Spade and my purse is See by Chloe. Hat is from Asos.

Love to you guys! Thanks for keeping up with me here. :)



Springing the Palms.

Hey guys! Gabe and I snuck off without the kiddos this weekend for a little us time. I got Darcy weaned and I feel so FRRRRREEEEE. I know I've talked about this before but I do not enjoy breastfeeding...and thats ok. It doesn't mean I don't love my kids, actually it means I love them even more because I did something I hate (and I don't like the word hate) for a combined 30 months just because I thought it was what was best for them. But HALLELUJAH, I'm done! :) Kudos to all the moms for whatever choice you make for your kids that you feel is best for you and them. Thumbs up for all of us, doing our best! 

Gabe has been working a ton (I'm talking 16 hours days) but at least he lives with us! Hooray! I know I haven't shared much about that whole situation the past year but maybe I will someday soon. Still debating. Whatever the case, we're happy to feel like a normal family again.

So we went to Palm Springs and we were realizing how many memories we have there from the past 10 years. It's so special to us and I'm so happy that it will be special to the kids too. I also can't believe we moved out of California for 3 years!! If you never try, you never know...so I'm glad we took a chance but I'm so thankful to be in California for life.

I thought my outfit from Joanie was perfect for a Palm Springs day and it absolutely a #treatyoself type of situation. HAHA. Mimosas, ice cream, AND a milkshake. HAHA again. But we hadn't been out since March so I think it was appropriate. As Darcy ascends further into toddlerhood it will be a lot easier for Gabe and I to get away just the two of us. I love him.


Hey guys! I'm so excited to be working with ModCloth today to style some of their new pieces for Summer!  I have been a fan of ModCloth for MANY years and I am even a "Blogger of the Moment" alumni! :)

I love the mission of ModCloth to include all sizes and shapes and I love that they have such a wonderful variety of trendy and classic pieces each season. One of the best things about ModCloth is how many reviews are posted. It's really a community feel. It also really helps when you're trying to figure out if something you want is right for your body type and which size to order. Tons of people post pics along with their measurements to help other shoppers.

I loved trying all the pieces I got and decided to wear the Button up tunic and Apple Print Skirt for our family outing last weekend and you know what they say..."when your hair matches the wall, it's gonna be a good day." I've never heard anyone say that, but they should. ;)

I'm thankful for companies like ModCloth that promote kindness and inclusiveness in their mission and to top it off, they have adorable items. Fan for life! 

Thanks to ModCloth for sponsoring this post!