Last week, smack in the middle of the busy holiday season, we got the opportunity to host an event at Nordstrom Local with Ugg. I had never hosted an event before and I was soooo excited that Goldie was able to come too! We made it a fun date night and it will live in my memory as a truly precious moment in time. 

If you aren’t familiar with the concept (I wasn’t either), Nordstrom Local is not a traditional retail space. The idea is for it to cover your shopping needs and make things super convenient for locals. You can place an order online and pick it up the same day! They have drivers picking up merchandise from the Nordstrom stores every hour! There is also tailoring service, personal shopping, and a nail bar with the sweetest manicurist I’ve ever met. The vibe of the store is so warm and comfortable and I gotta say that whoever lives in West Hollywood is super lucky. This is so great for procrastinators like myself and I can see it being very convenient for last minute gift shopping. ;) Hoping for this service to start popping up everywhere!

The actual event was such a treat. We got to meet so many of you who are so special to me and it was so nice that Nordstrom had amazing slippers for you and I got to gift 3 $100 gift cards so I could say thank you in a small way. I felt like Santa..or Oprah. 

My favorite was watching he kids run around and have fun together. Oh, and the picnic Zooey and Goldie had in a dressing room. You know how food tastes so much better when you’re having fun? Goldie kept saying “this is the best sandwich ever!” Pretty sure that was the fun circumstances talking. :)

So many thanks to Nordstrom and Ugg for such a pleasant experience and so many thanks to anyone reading this because these sweet experiences with my daughter only happen because of YOU. Truly love you all. 

Xo, Coury