Made it mine!

Hey guys! Happy to be here on the blog today with Esurance and their #madeitmine campaign. We're focusing on one of the key values that Esurance stands for. They're all about saving money, saving time and providing personalization. For us, we're currently renting, so there are not too many things we can truly personalize although I can't wait to personalize EVERYTHING when we buy a house.  

I thought a great compromise would be creating frames for Goldie to display all of her fabulous, ever changing art. She LOVED doing this especially because I let her have creative control of the frames as well as the art that goes in them. 

We went down to the craft store and she picked out the prettiest adornments and went to town. Kids take such pride in their projects and it really just melts my heart. Look at her proud face. I can't wait to see how the art in these frames evolves and even the exterior art of the frames will change as well as she grows. The great thing about it as well is that it costs nearly nothing to do yet gives her such great pride in a job well done. Little projects like this are really helping her learn the value of starting a task and completing it. Real life lessons. :)

This post was kindly sponsored by Esurance and all opinions are my own.


XO Coury