The Sweetest Gift.

Ok, I have to admit that I’m a terrible gift giver. Gabe and I were talking today about the fact that we are both just awful at gift giving. I may have just found a really sweet solution because I’m always telling Gabe, “When in doubt, think fancy chocolate.” After nibbling on some double chocolate chip Graeter’s ice cream I think I need to add “ice cream” to that tip. “Think fancy chocolate ICE CREAM.” I can’t think of a better surprise than pints of ice cream delivered to your door. I guess the only thing that would make it better is if it was Graeter’s ice cream. It’s obvious that they don’t mess around and really care about delivering the best product. All ice cream is not created equal and this is the good stuff, guys! They use a French pot process and only make 2.5 gallons at a time. Each pint is hand packed for a dense, creamy ice cream.

Goldie and I had a fancy ice cream social with toppings and everything and she was in hog heaven. I am always partial to Peppermint and that pint didn't last long. Oops. Too good.

There are lots of flavor options for your online order at and ice cream is delivered frozen anywhere in the US. There are even party packs with everything you need for an ice cream social! Get $5 off any online ice cream order now through December 13 with code Fancy-Sweets.

I know we all have those hard to buy for people who don’t really need anything. This is such a thoughtful, unique gift! 

XO, Coury


Thanks so much to Graeter's for sponsoring this post and giving us a reason to eat ice cream in the middle of the week. All opinions are my own. :)