I got this.

Ok, week. Let's do it. I'm committed to being present for the kids as I can, although I'm not off to a good start not in bed at 10:15. Darcy sleeps til 6 or 7 but he's up so many times in between that my sleep is the worst quality.  I'm surprised at how well I am doing in spite of this...sometimes I only have one coffee in the morning and make it through the day! Gabe was home yesterday but he woke up sick so we definitely didn't get the sweet Saturday I was eagerly anticipating. Instead, he shivered himself to fevered sleep at 7. There's always next week. 

Anyway, listening to the Freaky Friday Soundtrack. Pretty cheesy, but when have I ever complained about that. Also, Goldie is hilarious lately. I wish I had time to write down all the funny things she says all day. Such a treat to be around. And she sure loves her brother.

Good luck this week guys! We can do it! 

My blouse is PepaLoves, pants are Zara, bag is Flynn. Goldie's dress is velveteen.

XO, Coury