Museum of Ice Cream.

Oh man, how fun was this place??? 

On our way home Gabe said, "I wouldn't really call it a museum, more like an art exhibit." And Goldie said, "Let me guess dad, you didn't like it because there was no grey and black?" HAHA. It was sweet of him to come and do something girly that we like with us on his Saturday but that's just the kind of guy he is. Darcy thoroughly enjoyed himself. He's changing so much every day and his sweet personality and sense of humor are starting to shine through. It's truly heart meltingly sweet.

I cherish these days together and soon we will be together again like a "normal family". Love these three with every piece of my heart. 

Thanks for hosting this adorably delicious event, Lolli!

My dress is Unique Vintage.

Goldie's tutu is -PLUM-, her shoes are Minna Parikka, and her best buddy is Zooeyinthecity (haha).


XO, Coury