Happy Birthday, Darcy!

A flash! And he's one! It's been an insane year and I was single-parenting day to day for over 6 half of his first year but we did it and he is happy and healthy and WE DID IT. We were up in Sacramento for his birthday but of course we still wanted to make it special so my sister baked and froze a cake for him and brought it and it was beautiful and delicious. He did pretty well on the frosting and trashed his outfit so he did great. Haha.

Darcy is insanely sweet and adorable. He has a great sense of humor and loves being silly and making us laugh. He just started giving us kisses and it's so sweet I could die. He says Dada, Mama, and Mooooo (cow). He loves food and will truly eat anything still. Tonight I made him cauliflower rice with sautéed tomatoes and a parm cheese blend and he loved it. 

He sleeps HORRIBLY but really I can't complain because I'm not willing to let him cry at night to make him a better sleeper. He has 6 teeth and more are on their way as we speak (which doesn't help the sleep). We have been in our new place for almost a week and he's been going to sleep on his crib  mattress montessori style and then ends up in our bed at some point. It's progress since he used to fall asleep in our bed. He is still nursed to sleep 99% of the time but let me tell you, I am so DONE nursing...just waiting for the right moment when he doesn't have teeth coming in or a wonder week or vacation to get serious about weaning.

He loves to watch Baby Einstein Old Macdonald and Sesame Street videos (Mostly Usher, Jason Derulo, Janelle Monae) but unfortunately he doesn't really like watching videos very often. I was able to get more done with Goldie at this age because she lived for watching videos on YouTube. Haha. Good and bad I guess.

He loves his family and especially his Daddy at this point. He screams when he sees him after even a few minutes. Warms my heart. He usually has a smile for strangers and is pretty much a pro at walking already. It's so cute seeing his tiny body run/waddle around.

1 year olds sure aren't easy, but they make up for it with their cuteness. :)

I could talk about him all day but I gotta go...Love you, Darcy.