Springing the Palms.

Hey guys! Gabe and I snuck off without the kiddos this weekend for a little us time. I got Darcy weaned and I feel so FRRRRREEEEE. I know I've talked about this before but I do not enjoy breastfeeding...and thats ok. It doesn't mean I don't love my kids, actually it means I love them even more because I did something I hate (and I don't like the word hate) for a combined 30 months just because I thought it was what was best for them. But HALLELUJAH, I'm done! :) Kudos to all the moms for whatever choice you make for your kids that you feel is best for you and them. Thumbs up for all of us, doing our best! 

Gabe has been working a ton (I'm talking 16 hours days) but at least he lives with us! Hooray! I know I haven't shared much about that whole situation the past year but maybe I will someday soon. Still debating. Whatever the case, we're happy to feel like a normal family again.

So we went to Palm Springs and we were realizing how many memories we have there from the past 10 years. It's so special to us and I'm so happy that it will be special to the kids too. I also can't believe we moved out of California for 3 years!! If you never try, you never know...so I'm glad we took a chance but I'm so thankful to be in California for life.

I thought my outfit from Joanie was perfect for a Palm Springs day and it absolutely a #treatyoself type of situation. HAHA. Mimosas, ice cream, AND a milkshake. HAHA again. But we hadn't been out since March so I think it was appropriate. As Darcy ascends further into toddlerhood it will be a lot easier for Gabe and I to get away just the two of us. I love him.