Jumpsuits and Palms.

Hey guys. Happy Thursday to ya! Gabe works another long day today then we have three days off. Woohoo! Shooting for a beach day somewhere in there, fingers crossed! Darcy was up at 5:30 crying (MOLARS. UGH. Teething is the pits. Mr. Darcy has 9 teeth now, up one from yesterday.) so he's already taking a nap and here I am, blogging. Pouring out my heart about our upcoming maybe beach day..haha. I guess it's hard to get in the mindset of blogging real feelings when you feel so busy..and so tired.  One of these days it will come to me and my writers block will be lifted. Until then, there's always #ootd?

This jumpsuit is aptly named the "Jan" Jumpsuit and reminds me of my days in the middle school talent show, forcing my friends to do a Brady Bunch skit with me. I plucked my mom's polka dot peter pan collar smocked maxi dress from the cedar chest, hand wrote everyone's lines, and brought my CD to blast "Keep On" and sing and dance to it. I was pretty shy growing up so I still can't believe I did this. I think it's on video somewhere. I'll have to try and find it. Anyway, I was fully obsessed with the Brady Bunch at one point.

Anyway again, there's just nothing like that California sun. Home. Here's hoping Darcy get a decent nap. This is a fabulously boring day with the kiddos. :)

My jumpsuit and tshirt are from the new CAMP collection!

My shoes are Kate Spade and my purse is See by Chloe. Hat is from Asos.

Love to you guys! Thanks for keeping up with me here. :)