Organic snacking.

Hey guys! It's way too ridiculously hot for a picnic outside at the moment so we've been having indoor picnics. Snack picnics, I suppose. Our friends at Pure Growth Organic sent us some treats to snack on and we've been loving it.

But really, these treats are so perfect for on the go snacking you don't have to feel guilty about. One thing I've learned is to ALWAYS have plenty of snacks and water when you go anywhere with kids. This is especially true with young toddlers like Darcy. If he has something to snack on, he's golden. The kids like all the snacks we tried but they're favorite were the mini breakfast biscuits. I'll definitely be picking those up on my next grocery run. I have to admit, moms are better moms when they have a snack too. Hehe. Pure Growth Organic snacks are made in the US, have no artificial colors of flavors, and no trans fat.

Did I mention they have cute Disney character on the packaging? I still remember little things like that being a factor in what I would eat when I was a kid because food is an experience, right? At least to us it is. I like to make everything fun, and what's more fun than Mickey Mouse on your popcorn bag, AMIRIGHT?

Thanks to Pure Growth Organic for sponsoring this post! All opinions are obviously my own! :)