The Bronx is up and the Battery's down.

Walking walking walking in New York. The architecture in Manhattan is breathtaking. As I get older, I appreciate such things more and more. I hope to instill appreciation for such things in my kids but I guess I need to bring them with me next time to start that process. That scares the heck outta me! How do you do kids in the city...seems so impossible to me yet I see kids everywhere so people do it. Teach me your ways. It makes LA life seem so easy.

Anyway, we visited a hundred donut and bagel shops. Gabe wanted to walk through Times Square and I wanted to see all the theaters and complain how I can't see Dear Evan Hansen. we stumbled on the Hamilton store and I was in heaven. Broadway, you have my heart.

We walked all the way from the Lower East side to Central Park. Walking is my favorite thing and you don't get to do much of it in LA so I really got my fill! 

I knew I had to wear this dress on my trip because it happens to be me personified. I'm also giving berets a whirl. It's nice to have a new hat option..I have a small head (don't tell anyone) so it's hard for me to make certain hats work but I think the beret is a go for me. Alert the authorities! Lol.

Ok, please enjoy a story of an afternoon in NYC....