SpoonfulOne: The Proactive Approach to Food Allergies

Breakfast is one of my favorite times of the day! Every morning is a fresh start and we're in Southern California so most mornings are sunny as can be!  Darcy was super hungry this morning so we put a rush on his oatmeal and berries. Goldie wasn't hungry yet so she got to play mommy and feed him a bit which happens to be her favorite thing.

It always amazes me how much changes in such short periods when it comes to raising babies. Science is the greatest. I feel like in the 3.5 years between Darcy and Goldie, so many new strides had been made and so many great new products have been developed that make life with a baby easier. It seems like food allergies in children have become so much more of a problem since I was a kid so I was so intrigued when I heard about SpoonfulOne.  The idea is to get your child's body introduced and accustomed to new foods before allergies develop. All you do is mix in the daily packet into whatever food your child is eating. The packet contains micro-servings of foods responsible for 90% of allergies. I usually mix it in Darcy's eggs or Oatmeal and it can be mixed in baby food or mashed avocado for a younger baby. 

When Goldie was a baby, many people were still waiting until 1 year to introduce certain foods and since then, it's been advised to introduce potentially allergic foods early and consistently because avoiding the foods that are potential allergens might actually increase the risk of having food allergies. Thankfully, neither of my kiddos are allergic to any foods but shellfish and nuts aren't foods that Darcy eats daily so the packets are perfect for him to keep small amounts of the foods familiar to his body and make it less likely for him to develop an allergy. SpoonfulOne was developed by a pediatrician and mother, is sourced from real food, and is super easy to use. Food is such a special thing for me, so I want to give Darcy the chance to always enjoy all food! It feels good to be proactive and this is so easy with just a spoonful of love a day! 

I’ve partnered with our friends at SpoonfulOne to give away a 12 month supply of SpoonfulOne to one lucky momma. It’s super easy to enter: Just make sure to follow the instructions on the entry form at the very bottom of this post. The winner will be chosen on 10/20! Good luck!


Thanks so much for reading, guys! This post was sponsored by SpoonfulOne and all opinions are my own. 

XO Coury