San Diego.

I have lots of memories of San Diego as a child. Sea World comes to mind most but I would never give them money at this point. I also have sweet memories of visiting San Diego for the orthodontist followed by a trip to Toys R Us and dinner at Red Lobster. I remember the kid's menu so clearly and I remember the seasoned french fries being really good although I was 10 so who knows really?

Gabe and I have our own memories there as well. We played quite a few shows down there with our band, Castledoor, and even once got our window broken outside a show so someone could grab my empty purse. We had to go onstage right after this happened and it's not that big of a deal but we really had NO money then so it was soul crushing to know that we would have to have the window fixed. Haha. I made it sound depressing but we really had a lot of good times. Who needs money when you're young?? Pfft.

Anyway, it's a beautiful city and driving down in this dream car rented from Sixt made it 1000% better if that's even possible. We got to stay at the GORGEOUS Pendry San Diego and it was just a slice of heaven, all of it. 

First of all, it's just SO nice when you have two kids to be able to let go of all the anxiety that comes with being solely responsible for two tiny people all day. It gets to me at the end of the week and to have two nights of good sleep was also insanely amazing. I'm lucky that I don't have to worry about my kids for even a second when they're with my family. I know for a fact that they are happy as can be and are having way more fun than they would have if they were with us. Haha.

We went to movie (shocking for us since we NEVER get to). Greatest Showman, natch! Musicals forever and always. We got to go out to an outdoor mall at night...AND ACTUALLY SHOP. We had quiet relaxing meals, got to listen to whatever we wanted in the car (LOUD), and it was nice to just be "Gabe and Coury" for a bit. We've been through it in the last few years and I feel bad even saying it because I know we have our health and some people don't. I'm so thankful for our health that the other stuff we have been dealing with, while hard, seems trivial.  Right now, life is so good and it was nice to step back and celebrate that.

I'm listening to Diamond Rio, the kiddos are sleeping peacefully, and Gabe will be off work in an hour. I'm going to gather up any energy I have left (did I mention taking care of two kids alone all day is TIRING?) and get my workout on. 

I'm excited to start this blog up again and ramble a few nights a week. It really brings me joy. 


Xo, Coury