Hello everybodyzzz.
I've just been busy living my fun life with my favorite people.
Couldn't ask for much more.

Well, I could ask for my online orders to arrive! I'm waiting on a ring from Stone & Honey (LOVE everything of theirs) and a pair of Rachel Comey Sandals...oh, and a set of Rachel Ray pans. Haha. Waiting for things to arrive has pushed me into sending my own packages out daily just in case someone is waiting as impatiently as I am. (: While I wait, trying to decide on a satchel from ASOS.

I've actually been wearing this polka dot blouse way too much. Time to put it up for sale.

Oh, and a good tip for patent leather shoes: Magic Eraser works wonders!








Anyway, I'm just trying to get my mind off my depression from watching "Inception" today. I can't help but take films too seriously...it's "Atonement" all over again. I just need some fluff ok?

See you soon!