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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

I can't believe how much light this place gets!
I was dancing around to something..probably "ol' blue eyes" himself.
We got to go out to lunch with my mom today. That was a real treat.
I have succumbed to the fact that I will be renewing my driver license on my birthday. Stupid procrastination! Stupid Labor Day!
Anyway, I kind of look like the devil in these pictures.

That's my pink television. I fought hard for that one! Now Gabe's saying we need a bigger television but that's as big as pink tv's come! I will keep fighting for it! (: Other items you'll spot in the white shelves include a mermaid ceramic in honor of Disney's the Little Mermaid (not Hans Christian Andersen's version), New Moon (who knows why that's the only Twilight book I have), a painting my sister did of Castledoor's Follow the Dove Ep cover, Tales from Avonlea DVD, a real Japanese doll from one of my favourite clients when I cut hair at Rudy's, a million Lucky magazines, a Hermans Hermits record cover, and Scrabble. Good times. Anyway, this place is still nowhere near being much to do!

Love to all.


Fake Weekend.