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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Life Goes Easy On Me.

I am drunk (wasted!) on instant Netflix. So many cancelled television shows, so many straight to DVD movies! Tis the season to OD on poor quality entertainment!

Here are some photos of our daily family walk. It was beyond euphoric. I am embracing the 80 degree weather though I feel like a fool for watching my fireplace DVD. Some people are getting snow right now! I definitely didn't need my trench today, but when has that ever stopped me?

Gee, I really love this guy! He's in the only two brands that exist in his world right now, A.P.C. & J.Crew. He told me not to post pictures of him but again, when has that ever stopped me?

Vintage crochet blouse, Striped A.P.C. tank top (found it at Crossroads for 7.50), H&M speckled trousers (gift from Mom), J.Crew ankle socks (gift from Gabe), Farylrobin loafers via Gilt, Urban 1972 Floral Trench (gift from Urban 1972), Vintage bag.

If Birdie ever ran for President, this would be her campaign photo:

Gabe just told me this memory he had of us 6 years ago taking a walk and talking about someday getting two Boston Terriers together. We're half way there. :)
Have a great night and don't forget to snuggle with the ones you love and tell them how great they are.

Sunny fall days.

That's what love is for.