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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Sunny fall days.

Well, it's our weekend but Gabe got sick AGAIN. I mean, come on!
We still went out for coffee and treats this morning and took a nice walk in a gorgeous neighborhood. There's the cutest little place in Pasadena, the Little Flower Candy Co. They have amazing pastries and fun salted caramels. It also feels like you're just hanging out at your friend's house and they just happen to have delicious treats baked all the time.

Since then, we've been hanging out, eating Thai take-out, and watching movies.
I always liked this Tucker for Target blouse but I liked it even more when I found it for $6.24 yesterday. I must say, I do enjoy myself at Target. Sipping a "Special Drink" (70% Lemonade, 30% Hawaiian Punch) and perusing the Christmas aisles is surely my idea of fun.

(Blouse-Tucker for Target, Shorts-Zara Tights-AA Shoes-Dieppa Cardi-Vintage Bag-Topshop)

Birdie also played dress-up as usual.

LOVE to you!

Time makes you bolder.

Life Goes Easy On Me.