All Peachy Keen and Stuff.

Well, today was certainly one of the best days ever. We got up early, got coffee (Americano for me), and took Birdie to hang out with her friends at the dog park. She has a French Bulldog friend named Lola and they are so cute together. They take turns laying on their backs while the other one pins her down. So darn cute!

After we tired the baby out, we went to see "Tangled". I'm an admitted Disney sucker and always will be. It was fantastic. I will definitely be braiding my hair with flowers someday soon. And the scene with the lanterns and the boat is SO beautiful!

Theeen, we shopped a bit, came home, wrapped some presents, watched some bad Christmas movies, got Thai take-out for the second night in a row, and watched more bad Christmas movies.

I really love this sweater with the pretty pearls on it. It's so soft and the color is my favorite. If you know me, you know I love Peach anything (the food and the color). It was about 80 degrees again today. Sorry for being insensitive to those of you in yucky snow. Don't you hate the phrase "bone chilling"? When I think about that word, I am thrilled to be in the warm sun. From now on, I will enjoy my nice weather for all of you!

(Sweater-Vintage, Dress- H&M, Shoes- Dieppa Restrepo, Bag- Topshop)

Enjoy your day or night, your Monday or Tuesday (depending on where you are) and thanks so much for reading.