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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?


Nothing says femininity like lavender trousers! Ok, that's probably untrue, but these make me feel girly in a 40's tomboy kinda way. I googled "candypants" after deciding that's what I would name this post. Apparently it's a chauvinistic name for a woman but I still think it's cute. Then again, I would never allow anyone to call me that. It's just because my pants look like candy! :)

While I really like the shape of these oxfords and I got them for like $25, the seam in back split after wearing them once. Come on! That's why I stopped buying cheap shoes and that's why I shall stop once more! Of course, I'm not saying I'm not still gonna wear these. I am.

This was a really fun afternoon. We got shrimp tostadas from this amazing blue food truck. There's something they do with cucumber on these things that is out of this world. Birdie also tried out her new polka dot harness and watched the literal Birds like a hawk!

(Blouse- c/o Iwearsin, Pants- Vintage, Oxfords- Asos, Trench- c/o Urban 1972, Bag- Miss Selfredge)

*I think the tostada pictures probably look gross but I'm blinded but how good they were so they don't look gross to me. Sorry if they do to you!

Anyway, it's definitely been feeling like early early January. It reminds me why I love LA so much and why I'm glad we haven't moved away.

In closing, I CAN'T WAIT to go to Palm Springs for the next warm weekend (whenever that may be)!

XO Coury

Glissade. Literally, to glide.

Smile and beguile feminine.