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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

I'll re-read the books if there's time to spare.

Yay! Our first Disneyland trip this year! We live even closer now so it was a breeze getting there and back. We also listened to Gary Lewis and the Playboys on our way and they are one of my favorites.
Gabe ran in and got me a spinach and goat cheese bun at Bottega Louie before we left. It was like a savory croissant. SO GOOD. He got himself a beignet.

We took Birdie dog parking in the morning so she would just be tired and sleep while we were gone. It seems like there's always one mean dog at the dog park that ruins everything. If your dog is mean to other dogs, why on earth would you bring it to a dog park with no leash? Geez. I might start running with her. But I hate running. Maybe we should just get her a playmate of her own! Boston #2. :)

Anyway, I love Disneyland. We'll probably go once a week this year. Magical dreams can come true. I just want to keep the wonder alive in my life for ever and ever.

An interesting note about my companions shirt is that it is a vintage Pendleton shirt that was sold exclusively in Disneyland's Frontierland in the 50's. EEK! My sis and mom found it for Gabe on etsy for Christmas and it just so happened to fit perfectly and have such a fun history.

So, I had to wear red polka dots. That's a given for Minnie Mouse-ness. I just got these tights yesterday from J.Crew and I really like the color. I keep calling it mushroom but it would be more like a sauteed mushroom than a raw mushroom. Also, I can't get enough of red and pale pink together. Other than that, this little beaded bag was perfect to hold my iphone (Yes! Got the iphone 4 finally!), lipstick, and ID for Dland.

(Blouse, Shorts, Coat, Beaded bag- Vintage, Shoes- Steven Steve Madden, Tights- J.Crew)

Ok, I'm going to try and convince Gabe to take us to get some Thai take-out to round out our weekend. :)


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I just wanna see the floating lanterns gleam!