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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

A Smidge of Scarlet.

This is what I wore to hit a matinee of True Grit. There were a lot of beautiful things about it including the costumes, music, and performances. It also broke my heart a little, but I can't say my sister didn't warn me.
What did you guys think of it?

I did sneak Wetzel bitz for me and a cupcake for Gabe in my red purse...ok, ok, and an iced vanilla latte too. Hopefully nobody from the theater follows my blog but somehow I doubt they would. The popcorn is just too (fake) buttery and gross and the candy is stale and boring so what else is a girl supposed to do?

I found these red loafers the other day and they are so perfect to me! I wanted some red shoes and I haven't really seen any this style new so I was lucky to find them in my size vintage. My predictions were true about this coat as well. I will wear it forrrrrever!

(Sailor top- c/o Club Couture, Jeans- UO via Crossroads two years ago. I just got a new zipper put in. Wee! It's hard for me to find jeans that fit.., Coat- Anthro Ruffian, Shoes- Vintage, Satchel- Asos, Socks- J.Crew, Pin- A.P.C., Necklace- In God We Trust, Watch- Passed on to me from my grandma via my Mom)

It was just a wonderful weekend sort of California day. Sigh. :)

So, I wanted to share my favorite hair products with you just in case someone might find their very perfect product! My hair is very fine so I use an abundance of volumizing products.

1. Bed Head Epic Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
This Shampoo and Conditioner are light and fabulous.

2. Paul Mitchell Extra Body Daily Boost

3. Paul Mitchell Extra Body Foam
I got my cosmetology license from Paul Mitchell so I have used every single Paul Mitchell product imaginable and while a lot of their products are mediocre, these extra body products are amazing.

4. Marrakesh Oil
This is my favorite find! Somehow, it's Oil but not Oily. I put a few squirts on wet hair and it protects from the heat of the blowdryer and curling iron. I use this everyday no matter what.

5. Bed Head Hard head Hair spray
I have to spray my bangs or they split in seconds. Just a thin layer to keep them in place.

6. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
This gives an amazing texture to fine hair. Boosts up the volume and allows an extra day or two in between washes! I usually just spray it on the roots and then a thin layer over the whole head on days that you don't want to shampoo. Amazing!

So, that is that! So maybe you'll find your perfect product in there somewhere. :)

Ok, we're off to get a, Orange Mango Iced Tea and a waffle dessert of some kind. Life is great!


Smile and beguile feminine.

Rainbow Sherbet.