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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Smile and beguile feminine.

For some reason, I feel like I'm in the movie "Summer Magic" in this dress. Never seen it? Please do.
You'll probably say, "Um, you look nothing like the movie Summer Magic". Well, I feel like I do so that's all that matters. :)
Also, I liked seeing this peachy coral color against my cinnamon (formerly known as sauteed mushroom) tights all day. It was pleasing to my eye.
I love the shape of this white cardigan type thing from Iwearsin. They sent me a box of clothes to wear and I find myself pairing a lot of these modern cuts with vintage pieces and it's been really fun!

(Dress- Vintage, Cardi- c/o Iwearsin, Tights- Jcrew, Shoes- Dieppa Restrepo, Bag- Vintage, Cat brooch- A.P.C.)

Gimme a break with how great this day was. Coffee, chill time, tostados, and my girl and boy.

I wish I could get a print or a tote bag with that beautiful design of Happy Girls are the Prettiest. It's such a confidence booster and you know, it's really true! I know that's supposedly Audrey Hepburn's quote but I'm sure she's not the only one to have said it. Anyway, anyone know who designed that or how I could get a print or tote bag of it? Love it.



A Smidge of Scarlet.