Las Vegas Part Deux.

I don't blame you if you don't get through all these pictures! I went a leeeeeetle crazy here! But like I always tell Gabe, 35% of the fun to me is taking pictures.

If you are like me and enjoy some of the same activities as Senior Citizens, I would highly recommend visiting the Clark County Museum. It's 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas but worth the trip to me. It's fairly deserted and gives you a completely different view of Nevada. First of all, there are tons of real life Bunny Rabbits frolicking around. There is also a neighborhood set up with houses from different time periods. My dream! I wanted to live in each one. I mean, I'm sure I could get rid of the smell eventually and politely kick out the creepy wax figures currently occupying the houses. :)

I ate a bite of almost all of those delicious desserts. They were ALL good.

(Outfit 1: Striped top: c/o Romwe, Pants- Vintage)
(Outfit 2: Sweater- H&M, Skirt- Vintage, Oxfords- Asos, Jacket- Vintage, Necklace- Sea of Bees)
(Outfit 3: Hat- Vintage, tshirt- Stolen from Gabe because I didn't bring enough clothes...REALLY COURY??, pants- Darling, Backpack- c/o Romwe)

And some hipstas from the same days for good measure!

(Yeah, there's one picture in there twice. Please, be my guest and take me to court! Go ahead and sue me!)

If you're still reading, have a fabulous Monday! I am definitely enjoying some Deano Martin on this lovely Monday morning.

I have TONS of work to do and must get started on that. Gabe started his new job so it's a pretty exciting day around here. :)