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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

Happy Easter.

While this wasn't my ideal Easter outfit (weather was not permitting), I still felt semi-Easter egg like.
This is what I wore to church on this partially gloomy Easter Sunday. The thing I hate about church is that dogs aren't welcome. Not fair. Birdie stayed home with her toys and Beach House's "Teen Dream" on repeat.
It's kind of a funny outfit, but
a. how could I not wear at least two pastels on Easter?
b. how could I not throw the sort of unexpected (or is that expected by now?) Rusty Pumpkin color into the mix?
c. how could I not glue a pearl into the center of this ring so I could call it "My Little Mermaid Ring"? As in the pearl in the oyster...yeah, you get it.


Skirt and both Blouses: Vintage, in store next week
Booties: Anthro
Coat: Ruffian for Anthro
Necklace: c/o Sea of Bees

I hate taking down my holiday banners!

Watching people out the window is Birdie's favorite. Some say she's the neighborhood busybody!

I hope every one of you have the best week of your life filled with carefree laughs and lots of love and good news.



Golly gee.

You're the only one I'll ever want.