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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?


Here's a batch of one of my favorite things: iPhone photos.

My life is Family, Dogs, Clothes, Food, and Coffee. FFCCD. You'd think it was an html color code. :)

Hope your weekend is fabulous! Happy Fathers Day to all. :) I'm so absolutely blessed to be spending it with my father and the rest of my family. Such a privilege, really.

Don't forget to check out the store for what's left of this weeks new listings. I'll be listing a bunch of new amazing pieces on Monday and next week I hope to list a bunch of fun little purses I have been wearing for the last few months and maybe a few pairs of Vintage shoes if you're my size (US8.5-9).

That's life. That's what all the people say.



Nothing can take you away from me.

That's what every girl should know, if she wants catch a beau.