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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

So let's sing.

Hello friends!

We've been having more wonderful weather round these parts and have been continually "living it up". I know that every single person on the internet has this coat, but who cares? It's a sweet sweet coat and I'll wear it for years to come. ♥

We took Birdie for a walk in the park near our house today and I imagined how beautiful it will look when the lush greenery returns. Can't wait.

For some reason Gabe is watching football?! What's going on here?

Anyway, is anyone else obsessed with this Disney Princess Tumblr? If not, you will be. I NEEEEEEED most of these images as at in my home but I can't find anything like it. For now, looking at the tumblr makes me unreasonably happy.


Dress: Fancy Treehouse
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Coat: Lauren Moffatt
Bag: Fancy Treehouse
Blouse: AA

Alright, L-O-V-E to all and I'm going to Palm Springs in my mind. #loveyouJamesTaylor

Seriously though, I was at dinner with my family tonight and I did go to Palm Springs in my mind. All it takes is a Margarita that's a bit too syrupy to trigger some memories and there I am...lounging in the 110 degree weather by the pool. Or taking a bike ride and taking in the Palm Trees. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

XO, Coury


The Sun Still Shines.

A year in outfits.