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Shot me outta the sky, you're my kryptonite.

Hi guys!
Did you like my One Direction lyric? I will always like cheesy pop music! Go ahead and sue me.

Anyway, I love this sailory dress sent to me from Dahlia, which has become one of my very favorite lines. Don't forget to like them on Facebook to be entered in a sweet contest to win a blouse and collar! Today is the last day to enter so get on it! :)

So this is what I wore to dinner with friends at my parent's house. I enjoy my mom's (and sister's) cooking immensely. I haven't been able to enjoy food for the last few months and now everything just tastes SO GOOD to me. It's like I get to rediscover food! And coffee! Not only was I nauseous for those months, but on top of that everything tasted really weird to me and made me not want to eat even more (you should have seen my mom trying to shove food down my throat). Well, just makes me appreciate the sense of taste even more now that I have it back!

Still no sign of a baby bump! Maybe one day I'll wake up and it will magically appear! I'm certainly not complaining but it will be fun when I can actually tell there's a baby in there. Oh, and I really love that so many of you are moms and I love hearing your stories so keep them coming. So special. :)

Oh, and just about everything in the SALE section of Fancy Treehouse is now just $10.00! Stock up and help me make some room. :)

Dress: Dahlia
Tights: F21
Bag: Anthro
Shoes: Rachel Comey
Nails: Butter Trout Pout's hard to believe how much I already love our baby.

XO, Coury

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