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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

May you stay forever young.

Hi everyone.
Here are lots of pictures from my phone. Most never made it to instagram because my account isn't working. At least I can still share here and I've been having fun posting Goldie videos on Vine. Boy, do I love using afterglow!

Just to get real here with you, I honestly only get dressed maybe three times a week these days. It does bother me a bit but it's winter anyway and it's only half as fun to put outfits together in winter. I try to have nice looking "chill clothes" (as we call comfy clothes in our family) so I don't feel bad not wearing a dress everyday (which is what I prefer). When the weather gets warmer it will be just as easy to wear a dress around the house. I am very much looking forward to warmer weather. I've just about had it with winter. I like putting only positive energy out on this blog but, hey, it's true. HOWEVER, as I always say, the sun will always shine matter what. And it will be warm...HOT even. Can.not.wait. I'm from California. What can I say?

Anyway, my little babe is starting to stir which means she's almost ready to wake from her 3 hour morning nap. Almost play time! She had her first laugh the other day and it was pure magic. Now I do the stupidest things all day to try to make it happen again. I guess that will never end and I'll always try to make her laugh! :)

Aren't the prizes that my mom and dad brought Goldie from Hawaii just the most?? To me, Hawaii is only Elvis just because I've never been and I love Blue Hawaii. Also, how much does Goldie look like Theodore Seville of chipmunk fame? Love it. Can't WAIT to show Goldie the Valentine episode with the Chipettes. Ohhh, life is fun when you're forever young at heart!

Have a fabulous Wednesday. Hope your week flies by. I hope mine does too. We miss Gabe too bad when he's working at his studio all week. :) We are going on a date tonight though! Yippee!

Oh, here we are as babies. I think it's hilarious how much she looks like both of us!
Love, Coury

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