Preg Style.

Being pregnant was so fun.
I mean, yes, it's hard on your body and all the nausea is awful....but as a whole, it was so fun.
Oh wait, I started having bad contractions at 26 weeks and they progressively got worse until I went into labor at 37 weeks 5 days. I guess I've already forgotten that part. Ha ha. That was stressful and mighty painful...and I have high pain tolerance. The feeling of having this little life inside me made all the bad parts disappear. I love looking back now and imagining Goldie all tiny and cute in there, kicking her little legs so hard into my ribs. Ha ha. I feel like I knew her personality already when she was just 16 weeks in the belly when we saw her kicking like a mad woman in her first ultrasound. She has not disappointed and she is a get it done type of gal! My mom says she will be running Nashville by the time she's 5 years old. She'll definitely be keeping us busy and entertaining the hell out of us.

Anyway, I definitely had fun getting dressed with my bump. All my dreams came true! I didn't even have to stick a pillow under my shirt to pretend anymore.

If you're pregnant, my advice is to wear all your cute zip back or pullover dresses. When you're nursing (which is a whole different story that maybe I'll blog about sometime if anybody cares...), you have to wear easy access clothes for like a year! Enjoy your zip backs. For now, I can only wear them on dates. But when you're preg, you can't wear high waist pants or shorts, so I guess it all evens out.

I always wondered why pregnant ladies touched their bellies in photos...and here I am touching it in almost every picture. Ha ha. Well, my bump was never too big so I was trying to accentuate it. SUE ME! :)


Well anyway, I loved seeing what others who care about fashion wore while pregnant so maybe you like to see it too. :) And hopefully now you can pin if you want....I know you haven't been able to pin from here in the past.

Can't believe I was pregnant at this time last year and I didn't even know it! And this year I have this 3.5 month old, 15 pound, absolute cutie by my side every day. Life is magic.

XO! Coury

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