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Welcome to my blog. Take your shoes off, sit a spell?

A boring day that I loved.

A boring day that I loved.

6:16 am
Rise and shine to a big bloody nose on poor Darcy. I strip the sheets and clean him up practically before I’ve even opened my eyes. Typical mom life right there. I go start the wash and turn Peppa Pig on so I’m not missed for the 3 minutes I’ll be in the garage. Plus, when you wake up with blood all over your face, you deserve some Peppa Pig.

I get the sheets going, brush my teeth and start the coffee. I prepped the Bonavita last night so I just have to push a button. I’m into international delights pumpkin pie spice creamer right now. Its easy and also alleviates any desire for a $6 pumpkin spice latte. Score. I measure out 2 tablespoons because Its hard to tell how much you’re pouring in and I’m particular about how much I want In there. I was recently sent a cup that keeps my coffee hot for 3 HOURS and it’s been a lifesaver. Reheated coffee is terrible.

6:45 am
I get ready a bit because I’ll be helping out in Goldie’s classroom this morning. I developed dermatitis on my face a few months ago and I’ve been trying to get that under control. I’ve had a few prescriptions that I use on bad days, but today I’m just using my oils and moisturizers to make sure my skin stays hydrated. I mix some argan oil with my foundation. I put on a bit of blush, highlighter, and mascara. Nothing much, but enough to make me feel put together.

I always have our outfits ready the night before so I can make sure they’re steamed (can’t stand wrinkles) and that we all like our outfits. I think it’s just as easy to put on a dress as it is to put on yoga pants if you plan ahead a little bit. Since Goldie started school, I walked her once in sweat pants and I hated it haha! They were even cute sweatpants, but I just like feeling good about my outfits even when I’m just walking Goldie to school in the morning. I usually just leave Darcy in whatever he wore to bed and change his diaper of course. He doesn’t like pajamas so he just wears tees and leggings to bed. His Avengers shirt fell victim to the bloody nose but it wasn’t too bad and he didn’t want to change. Some battles aren’t worth fighting.

7:30 am
I spy Goldie sitting up in the top bunk, stretching. She gives me a sweet smile and a “Good morning Mom”. I give her her clothes for the day and realize the shirt I gave her had some mysterious stain on it and try again with a rainbow sweater. Gabe walks through the door home from work with donuts! These are not the good donuts from the best place in Altadena so I’ll be steering clear but the kiddos appreciate them. He brings them about once a week. We get Goldie’s backpack packed up and head to school. We all like to walk her and wait for the bell to ring and watch her walk to class. The novelty of this hasn’t worn off but I’m sure we won’t be doing this forever?

We head back home and I grab one load out of the wash and start back to the school to volunteer (not before sniffing some peace and calming!). Goldie is always happy to see me and my mom always told me that she always volunteered so all the kids would know her and we wouldn’t be embarrassed of her. Makes sense. I read with all the kiddos and obviously I love reading with Goldie the most. Hehe. She is blowing me away with her reading skills! So proud! I chat with her angel of a teacher for a bit about her weekend in Solvang before taking off.

I walk home to find Gabe half awake because he hasn’t slept yet and Darcy watching the iPad..some days are just like that! I ask Darcy if he wants to go to Trader Joe’s with me and he always gives me an enthusiastic “yes”! I stop on the way there at a peach wall and take a tripod photo. Darcy is in the car so I roll his window down, literally step out of the car, and take one photo. It’s mediocre but that’s what I get these days. I try to take outfit photos most days but a good majority aren’t really good enough to post (in my mind). We load up the bag with groceries and at the checkout I see that my debit card is not in my wallet. Panic ensues and I have to abandon the groceries to drive home and get it. Aye! I rush back and am happy to see my bag still there ready for me to pay.

Finally we are home with the TJ’s haul. I had to try the Apple cider donuts and was pleased to find out that they aren’t that good. Darcy sucks back a banana and a couple Mango packs. I snack on some baby carrots and a dip I made with sour cream, taco seasoning, lime, and cheese. I definitely don’t eat like I should most days but it’s a busy time. I put on James Taylor “Our Town” and put away the groceries and continue the wash. The bloody nose really got us and practically every layer on our bed and Darcy’s has to be washed but i really don’t mind doing laundry! It makes me feel very “mom-ish”.

Darcy is playing with his superguys so I set up the tripod for an instagram takeover I’m doing next week. It’s about Halloween decorations, something I’m particularly passionate about this year so it’s a very easy “job”. Hard to call anything Instagram/blog related a job but it is my job. Most of the time it’s fun but every now and then I’ll find myself stumped on something and have to pitch a different idea or brainstorm a new visual and it can be challenging trying to marry my own aesthetic to what a brand wants. At the end of the day, it’s a dream job (minus the pressure of getting enough “likes” which is the worst part for me). I feel confident on the content I can deliver but not always confident on whether the reaction to sponsored posts (likes and comments) is good enough for the brand. That’s where the bulk of my anxiety comes from but I try to remember that I can’t control who sees the post and who responds to it.

I didn’t get any of my work done at all and now it’s time to go get Goldie from school. I eat a few more carrots. I really should eat something else but times up! UPS rings the doorbell as we’re heading out and it’s a package of beautiful clothes for Goldie. Hooray! Darcy asks if it’s pajamas for him (I did mention he won’t wear pajamas, didn’t I?”)

We make our way to the school and it’s almost shocking how hot it is on October 1st but that’s Southern California for you! When we walk through the door back home Goldie unpacks her new clothes, makes some flatlays, and picks out a dress for Disneyland tomorrow.

Gabe is still sleeping so my work will have to wait. I answer some emails and see if any hotel prices have dropped for our trip to New York this month. I encourage the kids to play together but most of the time they need me to play too. I try to go through some of your suggestions for blog posts but am interrupted every minute, as I should be. Someday I’ll miss those little interruptions.

1:00 pm
Gabe wakes up and this is my chance to get my work done. I drink a bottle of water because I feel a headache coming on and it stops it in its tracks. I grab a few candy corns and stick then in my pocket for later. (Don’t eat like I have’s not good!) I dive into my work while I hear Gabe playing with the kiddos in their room. I think it’s THE best feeling for a mom to hear your kids having fun while you’re getting other things done.

2:30 pm
Done recording stories and now I’ll edit and caption while I let the kids watch “Super Monsters” on Netflix. I listen to the “Pretty Woman” broadway soundtrack while I edit.

The kids play in the back yard while I watch and referee. We’ve never had a proper yard and it’s so nice for them to be able to explore. They love digging in the mud and I let them.

I hit the elliptical and make edits to this post. I have bad cramps today and it always helps me to stay moving.

5:00 pm
I make the kids a boring kids dinner and they actually eat a good amount of it. You never know what they are going to eat and what they are going to waste. When they eat well, it incites elation from me!

Bath time for Darcy. We have a mint green bathtub in one bathroom and a blush pink tub in the other. They will be updated eventually but they actually make me happy for now.

7:00 pm
Darcy is down for the night and now Goldie and I get our special reading time. Gabe is up tonight so he plants some new plants in our front yard. He’s really gotten into the gardening thing and I love it!

Goldie and I are on the third installment of the “Doll People” books and we are having such a special moment with them. There’s only one more book and we’re both going to be sad when it’s over!

8:30 pm
Kids both asleep and party time. I mean, wait, now I’m really sleepy and I only have time to sip a summer water and watch a couple of episodes of “Forever”.

Until tomorrow. I truly love my life.

Happy birthday, sweet Goldie.

Happy birthday, sweet Goldie.

Vacation, in the summer sun.

Vacation, in the summer sun.