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Oh gosh, guys. Pictures mean so much to me. It really gives me the most joy to know that I have these beautiful souvenirs of this last minute miracle trip. We were asked to go cover some new features on the Disney Magic 10 days before it cruised! I never thought it would actually work out on such short notice but everything fell into place and here's the proof below. I knew Gabe wouldn't be able to come because of his job but I got the biggest kick out of being able to take my mom with us instead and she also ended up taking some beautiful photos for us! She loves cruising but with two young kids it was definitely not the relaxing experience she usually has. Ha. Ha.

It had been a dream of mine to go on a Disney cruise since the first ships came joke. I ordered the promotional DVDs (or was it VHS then?) and watched them wistfully, dreaming of the day I could experience Disney like this. As an adult, this was still my dream, although before taking this trip I still didn't know if it was worth the extra money to go Disney. The proof is in the pudding now that we are already planning one for next year and truthfully, I would never want to cruise on any other line. Thank God I have kids so I have a valid reason to only cruise Disney! HAHA.

Kiddos outfits are via the incredible Alex and Alexa.

Some highlights for me:

*Rapunzel's Royal Table. See my article for Disney Family HERE.

*Daily self-serve ice cream (sometimes bi or tri-daily if I'm being honest haha)

*Rotational dining is a Disney exclusive. There are three different restaurants and your amazing server follows you to a new one each night. Each one is amazing and unique with it's own Disney theme, menus, and entertainment. The waitstaff was incredible with the kids! 

*The service is magical. Every staff member was cheerful, helpful, and just had that extra twinkle in their eye. 

*Characters everywhere, all the time. 

*Amazing Broadway style musicals almost every night. For a broadway lover such as myself, this was everything. The quality was incredible and it was so fun to order a drink and popcorn and enjoy a show before dinner every night. 

*Goldie having the time of her life in the kids club for hours at a time. I felt so secure leaving her there and I usually have terrible mom anxiety. The security measures they take are so reassuring and the staff is so friendly. We started missing her and went and picked her up earlier than she wanted every day. They had the best things for kids to thing that stood out was "Storytime with Belle". Belle actually came into the kids club and read them a story. HOW MUCH OF A CHILDHOOD DREAM IS THAT??? Amazing.

*Mickey Shaped everything! I mean everywhere. I know tons of you are total Disney dorks like me and this tiny detail made me so dang happy. 

*Disney's private island, Castaway Cay, was so unreal. It's so picturesque it literally looks fake. I mean, just look at those clouds!

*Despite there being a thousand kids on board, there were places you could go on the ship for quiet. I did some running at night on the deck and I was the only one out there. It was so peaceful running and listening to the water.

Scroll for way too many photos. :)


Take the Disney transfers. Not only does it make your life easier and less stressful, they check your bags in for you so you don't have to drag them off the ship and to the airport yourself. Helped so much! 

Use the App! You can see every event and when it's taking place, where every character will be and what time, and what restaurants are open.

Book any nursery time you need to before you cruise. Most of the slots were taken even though I wouldn't have left Darcy in there anyway because I'm a big baby myself who won't leave her baby unless he wants me to..but you don't have to be a big baby like me! Let the sweet nursery gals watch your babe while you go have a relaxing dinner!

Get coffee at the adults only coffee shop. It's an additional charge but the coffee is good and they give you a loyalty card that I filled up a couple of times and got free drinks! Plus, you HAVE to get the "Mickey-chino"! 

Everyone is different but I like going out to the port for a couple of hours and then spending the rest of the day on the ship because those are the days you get the pool and the ice cream machine to yourself. Goldie got the kids pool to herself that day and it's a good time to get some peace and quiet because there are a lot of kids around usually and kids are loud. LOL.

You have to get a balcony if you can. There are not many things that give me a happier feeling then sitting on a ship balcony looking out at that perfect water with nothing else in sight. It's one of those feelings that never leaves me and gives me butterflies every time I think of it. It's also incredible to bring your breakfast back to your room and enjoy it on the balcony. Bliss.

Next time we go, Gabe will be able to come and my dream will be complete!

If you have any other questions about it, definitely give me a shout on the ole instagram! 


XO, Coury

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