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This post was is sponsored by Mirum but of course all opinions are my own!

The end of summer craziness is upon us and I can’t think of a more relaxing activity than washing my hair. Not even kidding, the feeling of clean hair makes the busiest day feel more zen.

When I have fresh hair (after using the Walmart exclusive Suave Professionals® Lavender + Almond Oil shampoo and conditioner!), my favorite hairstyle is just some simple curls and maybe a cute headband! I use a curling wand and section each piece about an inch thick. I go through and curl all in the same direction. I let the curls cool then comb them out, so they turn into more of a wave (if you comb while they are still hot from the wand, the curl won’t stick). It’s really just about letting your clean bouncy curls fly!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Suave Professionals’ new Lavender + Almond Oil line! The 100% natural almond oil fights the frizz and the lavender scent is one of my favorite calming smells and this particular shampoo and conditioner smell SOOO good. It’s also made with no parabens or dyes! They are a Walmart exclusive until the end of the year so pick a bottle up on your next trip. It’s almost time to shop for Halloween decorations you know so I know you’ll be in to Walmart soon! So excited!

XO, Coury

Minnie's Breakfast at Plaza Inn +  a birthday morning at Disney.

Minnie's Breakfast at Plaza Inn + a birthday morning at Disney.

Happy 3rd birthday Mr. Darcy!

Happy 3rd birthday Mr. Darcy!